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    1. North American Countries
      North American Countries

    2. Approval of Central American-U.S. Joint Declaration Action Plan
      "Joint Communique on CONCAUSA between the Central American Countries and the United States of America The Presidents of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and the United ... "

    3. The Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS)
      "FAS works to make trading with other countries easier, promote American agricultural products to buyers in other nations, and give food aid that helps other countries in need. Information About FAS for ... "

    4. CDC Dengue Map: American countries with laboratory-confirmed ...
      "Map: American countries with laboratory-confirmed hemorrhagic fever, prior to 1981 and from 1981 to 2003 .

    5. USAID: Latin American and the Caribbean Overview
      "Coffee, a major export earner for Latin American countries, is experiencing its lowest price levels in 30 years due to the entry of Vietnam and Indonesia into the market. "

    6. US Embassy Mexico City
      ... leaders from our two countries is a key part of the success of the American and Mexican relationship and a necessity to keep our countries secure.” (complete text) Latest Headlines From the Embassy

    7. Chapter 1 - Freight Transportation: The Latin American Market
      Many types of trading partnerships and relationships have been established among Latin American countries. Countries can establish a variety of institutional mechanisms and economic agreements that ...

    8. Agriculture in the U.S.-Dominican Republic- Central American Free ...
      "The Central American countries agree to establish separate TRQs for rough and milled rice (the Dominican Republic created TRQs for brown and milled rice) totaling almost 407,000 metric tons in year 1 ... "

    9. Coming From the Americas: A Profile of the Nation's Latin American ...
      "... from Mexico was about six times as large as the foreign-born population from the next highest country. Of the remaining migrants from Latin America, 1.8 million were born in other Central American countries; ... "

    10. "FRB: Speech, Ferguson - A comparison of Asian and Latin American ... "
      The Latin American countries also may have benefited because global economic policymakers-including the IMF-had learned from their experiences in Asia and Russia.

    11. Inter American Service Convention
      Exclusivity of the Convention: The "Inter-American Service Convention" does reflect an effort by Inter-American countries to establish uniform procedures and may become more practically effective over ...

    12. International Adoptions
      "Department of State, Office of American Citizens Services and Crisis Management (ACS) issues Public Announcements and Travel Warnings for particular countries and Consular Information Sheets for all ... "

    13. Intercountry Adoption Malaysia
      ... adoptive parent(s) who are non-Muslims may NOT adopt Muslim children. Prospective American guardians may also want to review our Shari'a Adoption Flyer on Guardianship in Muslim Countries

    14. 2006 Report to Leaders
      "To develop cooperative activities in all stages of avian influenza and human pandemic influenza management, a Coordinating Body of senior officials from the three North American countries has been ... "

    15. American Bar Association2000 Annual Meeting
      ... been impressed by the many online companies that take advantage of technology that enables them to create Web sites with different home pages geared toward consumers in different countries.

    16. Secretary Norton Announces Grants in 16 States
      "Secretary Norton Announces Grants in 16 States, 21 Latin American and Caribbean Countries to Conserve Migratory Birds ... "

    17. Intercountry Adoption Saudi Arabia
      ... Arabia to live with American citizen families temporarily resident in the Kingdom. Prospective American Guardians may want to review our Shari'a Adoption Flyer on Guardianship in Muslim Countries

    18. South American Countries
      South American Countries ...

    19. Tax FAQ - United States Mission to Germany
      "FAQ's Tax FAQ: 1. Is there an office located in Germany, which provides assistance on American tax obligations? 2. What countries fall under the jurisdiction of the IRS office in Frankfurt, Germany? "

    20. The Central American Democratic Security Treaty
      With the signing of this Treaty the Central American countries have continued along a road from conflict to peace and from peace to sustainable development and democracy.

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